FY-601 Chani type oil water separator

Chain belt: 65mm (width)
Degreasing amount: 0 to 20 liters/hr
Power: 110V/220V / 50Hz 60Hz/
Weight: about 9kg
1. Increasing metalworking fluids, cleaning fluid cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing operating costs.
2. It can protect and improve the function of the efficiency of cleaning equipment.
3. Saving environmental effects, to prevent indiscriminate discharge of waster oil pollution, in order to adapt the concept of environmental protection requirements.
Chain Type Oil Skimmer works on the principle of rotating Oleophilic/Stainless Steel chain which picks up the oil from the surface of the oily effluent.The oil that is lifted by the belt is scraped by the scraper on the top, and collected in tank, where residual water is removed.
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