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Disc type oil skimmer

  • Disc type oil skimmer
  • Disc type oil skimmer
  • Disc type oil skimmer
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    Production information


    Specification of Suction plate:400mm

    Degreasing amount: 3 to 15 liters/hour




    Product Principle

    The principle is to use the suction plate through by the motor to operate,
    when blowing across the surfacewith oil and draw away on the suction
    plate, than aggregate that to the oil trap.  It can absorb the surface 
    of oil slicks unceasingly by the motor rotate.  It can  remove surface
    oil slick clean.  It be used in avariety of machine tools and can use for
    a long time.  It if can spicuous for more of the metal powder in the
    cutting  fluid or more stable surface of the liquid in thesink.

    Newest technology oil skimmer can remove oil from anywhere.

    Most manufacturing or processing facilities have a water system

    in which waste oil is collected in a central tank or sump. Skimming

    oil slicks with low water content can reduce treatment costs and

    reduce effluent from wastewater discharge.

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