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Belt type oil skimmer( Small size)

  • Belt type oil skimmer( Small size)
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    Production information

    Steel belt:width 50mm x thick 0.12mm
    Suction capacity: 0~5 ℓ/hr
    Power consumption: 5W
    Weight: 3kg

    • Stainless steel belt. having excellent water wiping. slipping and water-oil separating.
    • Available for sucking oil of 2µm thick. (The visible colorific skimming oil)
    • Magnet attached, can be assembled everywhere, either vertical or incline.
    • Time control device for 24 house.
    • The length of steel belt is designed according to the depth of cutomer's pool.
    • No wheel in the water, trouble-less.
    Product priciple:
          The principle is to use oil and water differences between gravity and surface tension, and other characteristics, when blowing across the surface with oil and draw away at the surface of oil slicks, FY-CNC-40 mechanical bar screen belonging to oil slicks in profits in addition to fishing in addition to small oil slick devices, small size, can be directly connected to the machine tools, the models used CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools ,drilling, milling machines, grinders and other machines in the cooling of the oil-water separation, the units cooling water(coolant),washing machine cleaning ducts machine tools on.

    Is has the following three functions:
    1.Significantly increases the life of cutting agent, therefore
    reducingoperation cost, because the gravity of waste oil is lower than that of cutting agent, so waste oil will surely float on the cutting agent (coolant),while on air-tight conditions, cutting agent is easy to oxidize, deteroprate and produce odor, so it has to be replaced frequently, this will increase cost. If we install this machine, the floating oil will be cleaned, life of cutting agent is thus prolonged significantly, cost will go down accordingly. (the life of cutting agent will be prolonged from 1 week to 3 even 6 months).
     2.Protects the blades of machine tool, if the cutting agent or cutting oil contains other waste oil or impurities, first, it will influence the accuracy of cutting; second, it will seriously damage the blades.
     3.Saves cost, protects environment. the isolated waste oil has small content of water, suitable for recycling. Besides, it prevents the pollution caused waste oil discharge, conforming to the concepts of protecting environment.

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