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Small Vegetable Crusher(Single Tube)

  • Small Vegetable Crusher(Single Tube)
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    types of vegetable cuts,vegetable cuts,vegetable cutting chopper
    Easy to form the food in to mince, block, broken and   Puree.  It can be developed in accordance with the requirements of the guests. Less dust in processing. Has high efficiency and high productivity.
    1. May process the ingredients fast and precision.
    2. May trade the cutting tool to adjust thickly.
    3. Cutting tool convenience replacement and clean.
    4. Components are thermostable.
    5. Processings the dust are few, the failure rate is low, high efficiency.
    Mode FY-766S FY-766D FY-766T
    Dimension(L*W*H) 650*350*700mm 650*500*850mm 650*750*850mm
    Voltage/Power(W) 110V/750W 110V/750W+375W 110V/750W+375W+375W
    Weight 35kg 45kg 60kg
    Function (Single specification)
    Crush ,Particles, Puree
    (Can form two specifications)
    Crush, Particles, Puree
    (Can form three specifications)
    Crush, Particles, Puree
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